New Feature Release - Shift Notes

As a part of our ever-growing League Management system, this week's release marks the advent of the Shift Notes, a new option for communicating key shift details with your staff.

Accessible from the "Leagues & Tournaments" tab, Shift Notes are simple to write and implement. Notes can be created as either an Announcement or a Reminder, depending on the content. Give your note a Title and (optionally) Details, then you can assign the Note to any of your Sports or Leagues, for any duration of time.

Shift Notes are visible from three places: in the Supervisor's "Prep Complete" emails, at the top of the Private Schedule, and most importantly at the top of the Mobile Field Admin. Once the Shift Note passes its date frame, expired Shift Notes are archived for possible future viewing.


Additionally, as of this release, an 'Incomplete' signup is created for an Indy right after they submit their Signup Info, rather than waiting.

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