Manage Team Panel and Mobile League Display Changes

Much of the information available from a Captain's Manage Team panel has been consolidated to give the important information on the page higher visibility:

  • The Roster tab displays all relevant roster information, including Invitation Status, amounts Owed and Paid, the Team Invite Link, etc.
  • The RSVP tab shows who on your team has RSVP'd for which of your games. Captains can also manually RSVP for players who they know will/will not be there.
  • For Leagues that have Schedule Requests turned on, the Schedule Requests tab is where Captains can submit and review their team's Requests.
  • Lastly, the Message Team tab is the new home for the thread-based internal team communications, replacing the small icon in the top right corner.
  • Additionally, the Upcoming Leagues Mobile Display has been updated to allow more Leagues to be visible upon initial scroll.

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