Field-tested tips for league & tournament organizers

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Field-test tips for sports league & tournament organizers

Our start in the sports leagues industry wasn't building software. It was running leagues! League Lab grew out of Underdog Sports Leagues, which has been providing adult rec leagues in Seattle and Portland since 2001. Underdog runs thousands of games, for tens of thousands of players, each year.

In our decade plus in the industry, we've learned a lot of hard-won lessons, and we're happy to share some of that knowledge. We hope that our free, month long email course will be useful to organizers who are just starting out, as well as veterans with larger operations.

Email course topics

  1. The single best marketing tool for sports leagues (you'll be surprised)
  2. Optimize your registration process
  3. Maximize capacity, fill those last few team spots
  4. Tips to reduce churn and save valuable time
  5. Finding more fields and facilities
  6. Building community will build your business
  7. Ways to grow your league, without advertising
  8. Branding and adding value to stand apart from your competition

Also, check out our Sports Leagues Mistakes to Avoid for some common pitfalls in our industry.

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