Before You Begin...

Make Sure You Have the Following
  • A paid League Lab Account Online payment is not available at the free 'Getting Started' level.
  • Verified PayPal Standard Account Have Your Login and Password Handy

What Are We Doing?

  • In order to 'turn on' PayPal as the payment processor for your site, you need to 'Authorize' League Lab within your PayPal account. You will be granting API permissions to League Lab only to send payments to your account. Don't worry, NO withdrawals from your account are authorized by granting these permissions.

How Hard is This?

You will NOT need technical help
  • Easy!

How Long Will This Take Me?

  • 5-10 Mintues once your PayPal account is verified


Start a PayPal Standard Account
PayPal Integration Guide

Step 1

Log In to Your PayPal Account

Step 2

Click the 'Profile' Link

Step 3

Click the 'API Access' Link

Step 4

Click the 'Grant API Permission' Link

Step 5

Add League Lab API Account Username:

Check BOTH 'Direct Payment' and 'Express Checkout' Options

Click Submit

Step 6

In Your League Lab Admin, go to the Account tab, and select 'Settings' under 'Online Payment.'

Step 7

Select 'PayPal Standard,' enter the email address attached to your PayPal account, and click 'Update Payment Setup.'