Easiest to Get Started
  • Verified PayPal Standard Account PayPal will 'Verify' a Personal or Business Bank Account, OR a Credit Card


Lowest Monthly Overhead
  • Payment Integration: FREE (Enabling PayPal on your League Lab site)
  • Monthly: $0
  • Each Transaction: 2.9% + $.30 Paid to PayPal
  • Funds Deposited Into
    Your PayPal Account


Fastest: 1-2 Days
  1. Sign Up for PayPal Standard Account
  2. 'Verify' your PayPal Account Online in Your PayPal Account
  3. Authorize League Lab within PayPal Account
  4. Verify Your PayPal Account within Your League Lab Site


League Lab PayPal Integration Guide PayPal Website Payments Standard
PayPal Payments Standard


for start-ups, one time events, and smaller/seasonal operations. You feel that online payment is an important feature that your participants expect, and that many will use. You know that collecting a good percentage of fees online saves you time - but you would like to avoid committing to monthly fees and other overhead costs that a more complex solution would include. You also want something quick and easy - you don't want to invest much time in the payment solution at this stage.

  • plus

  • Inexpensive (no monthly fees)
  • Quick and Easy (fastest integration)
  • Fewest Requirements (all you need is a PayPal account)

Not a Good Fit for

orginizations of medium to large size, that want a professional e-commerce experience in which participants are able to check out and pay without leaving their site. Also not suitable for leagues that need to store payment info.

  • plus

  • Less Professional
    Participants will leave your site during a sign up to submit payment with PayPal, and then return to complete registration. Participants' credit card statements will list PayPal as the payment processor.
  • Stored Payment Info Disabled
    As participant card info is not stored, you cannot charge late fees, cancelation fees, or forfeit fees in your admin. You will have to track down players and captains for payment info in these situations.
  • Funds are Delayed
    Payments are deposited into your PayPal account, not your bank account (3-5 days until available for withdrawal)

Player Payment Experience

With PayPal Standard enabled, players and Captains must leave your site to submit payment at PayPal. ALL payment areas will include a PayPal check out button.

Checkout on the paypal site.

After submitting their preferred payment on PayPal, they will return to your site to complete registration.

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