Make the Switch So You Can Run Sports Leagues Easier!

Make The Switch to League Lab 

Your Captains, Players, Office Staff, AND refs and umps will thank you 

You didn’t start with League Lab, and that’s ok: We don’t spend a lot of time advertising or bragging. 

When your league grew and you were tired of Google Sheets and game schedules on pieces of paper you made the leap to a “professional” piece of software that looked cool. 

Problem solved, right? Not really.

Maybe it was a few weeks or months into your new shiny registration platform that you realized it did a great job of getting people signed up, but did a bad job of saving you time running sports leagues for all the people that DO sign up. 

Once all those players and teams are in the door, and your old software takes their “registration cut,” then you are on your own for actually running a league and a business. 

There are too many repetitive tasks, too many work-arounds, and too many things that might have made sense to a programmer for hire on a deadline, but don’t add up when you are in the trenches running leagues: Dealing with players and captains; handling scores, refs, schedules and t-shirts day after day.

There is never a perfect time to make the switch, but we will make it easy as possible.

We can build you a website theme, or you can keep your own and manage it yourself.
We can help you set up “stub leagues” and mirror your leagues currently running when you switch.
We can move over 2 -3 years of player data – You think you want to bring it all over, but you really don’t.
We can help set up your payments, switch over your URL, and get your company policies and waiver in place.
We can prompt all your players to log in 
their new accounts when the time is right.

Transitions are never fun, but you know there has to be an easier way. We’ve helped so many leagues get off their clunky and inefficient software platform that we might even be good at it.

What It Could Look Like

If you’re really fed up and want to use and manage your own website with a custom widget, we can normally get you going in 2-3 weeks.

If you would like a custom theme, you’re looking at 4-6 weeks.

We will set up training sessions for your office staff, and make your captains and your field staff (refs/umps/ and supervisors) experience waaaay easier as soon as you switch over.

It might seem scary, but don’t stay stuck when you know you are wasting your time on stupid work-arounds that never seem to get fixed, and business logic built by random people who have never been in the sports leagues business.

Fill out a demo request and we can let you know how fast we can move you over to the sports league business platform you wish you started with in the first place.Offi