We run leagues, too.

This didn’t start out as a software company.

Like you, we were just hoping to run some games, make players happy, and have fun. At first, we weren’t sure if we’d have enough teams each season. We were happy when our adult rec leagues in Seattle started to take off, but it also meant a lot more work. Our “system” of paperwork, software, and data entry was holding us back.

With some software knowledge on the team, we started adding tools to our website to help run the leagues. Creating an online management platform in-house was one of the key ingredients in Underdog Sports Leagues’ evolution from a handful of teams to an innovative operation offering eight sports to 30,000 members in both Seattle and Portland. 

In 2009, League Lab was born as a separate company to offer the tools we built for Underdog to other clubs. We still share offices with Underdog, and work alongside a league that runs year-round. We’re proud to be a software shop, but our roots are still firmly planted in the challenges of making games happen and providing a great experience for players.

Never ending experimentation, testing, and constant upgrades are the reason we call it a “lab”
We’re still learning, and we’re getting better every day. 

We know what it takes. Put our experience building sports software to work for your organization.