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Quickly and easily create a great looking dodgeball site. It can be stand-alone, or link to it from your existing site. You’ll have a custom online presence with your colors and logos, registration, payment processing, and all the tools you need to make the games happen.

No need to compromise with a blog or generic web publishing system. League Lab is custom built to run sports leagues and tournaments!

Tools that will save you time

The real work (and fun!) happens after the teams are signed up. League Lab provides tools to help
make sure your ddogeball games go off successfully and efficiently. Learn more about League Lab's features

Remote score entry for staff
Team uniform management

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Soco Club Sport
Underdog Sports Leagues

Underdog runs coed dodgeball in Seattle and Portland year round, with some of the biggest leagues in the Northwest.

LXC Sports
LXC Sports

LXC Sports is where Louisville's adults unwind, and their dodgeball leagues are an especially popular offering among their many sports.

Gameday Sports Leagues
Gameday Sports Leagues

Gameday is Boise's fastest growing adult rec league, and Dodgeball is part of the fun.

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