Sports league mistakes to avoid

We've been running sports leagues for over a decade, and have worked with many leagues as part of our software business, too. Here are some common pitfalls to avoid. Is your organization making any of mistakes?

  • Turning away individuals and small group registrations
  • Reserving all the good spots for returning teams
  • Mail-in paper registration forms
  • Making players officiate other teams
  • Holding a mandatory captains meeting
  • Not putting team photos online
  • Writing the same administrative emails from scratch over and over again
  • Valuing certifications over personality and cultural fit for officials and field staff
  • Neglecting to follow up on incomplete sign-ups
  • Making teams pay an additional ref/ump fee each week
  • Running a game without visible league signage or a banner on-site
  • Waiting to post next season's activities
  • Running a league using only Outlook, Excel, or a blog
  • Having staff report scores by phone or email
  • Using shabby equipment to cut costs

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