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You can find lots of software to help you register teams. But how many of those companies have ever run a sports league, dealt with a rainout, made a shirt, tried to collect a team fee, made a playoff bracket, or scheduled a ref?

At League Lab we focus on the particular needs of larger organizations who run top-quality leagues. Our customers need more efficient and integrated tools than Wordpress, post-its, and spreadsheets. They need to save time every day with processes like:

  • Online staff scheduling
  • Tracking team shirts and colors
  • On-site paperwork for game days
  • Batch payments and stored payment info
  • Posting scores, reports, and photos directly from the field

We use everything League Lab offers. We aren’t guessing, we are in the trenches with you, solving problems and using League Lab across thousands of teams a year to deliver an easier experience for field and office staff, captains, and players.

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Our top 10 customers have a collective 120+ years of experience in the business


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League Lab pricing is based on a flat monthly fee starting at $600 per month that scales up as your yearly team count grows. Most League Lab members have at least 400-500 teams per year. Additional transaction fees like TeamPayer, players pay, and indy processing fees, are shared between the club and League Lab and can greatly offset your flat monthly fee.

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