Stop Painting the Ship …

Folding laundry, washing the dishes, taking out the garbage. Someone needs to do these chores.

Doing chores rarely adds long term value, but when skipped they can cause short term discomfort, disorganization, and embarrassment.

You need to mow the lawn because it grows. You can pay someone else to mow the lawn for you, but unless you are ok with your lawn looking like crap, someone needs to mow the lawn if you take pride in how your place looks. Or else: Imagine what your neighbors might say?

The sailors of the USS Benfold took pride in the way their nuclear destroyer looked. They spent hours painting the ship sometimes re-painting it 5 or 6 times a year, as did many other Navy ships. Sea water can be quite corrosive on metal, so the way to cover up the rust and corrosion was to add a fresh coat of paint – over and over again. It was only after Captain D. Michael Abrashoff took over that they decided to try something new:

Instead of the chore of repainting the ship over and over again, they swapped in stainless steel nuts and bolts.

Less rust, and less time painting. More time doing things that last: Learning, training, and practicing in the classroom.

Captain Abrashoff was able to turn his ship from one of the worst, into the best performing ship in the Navy, because he saved time on chores, and used it for things that truly mattered.

You are the captain of your sports league and your small business. How much time are your employees, and staff, refs and umps, spending painting your ship over and over again?

How many open windows and different programs does it take to do that league schedule?

How many clicks and dropdowns do you have to build that team?

How much time are you spending begging people for money they owe you and running payment on registrations – the very thing that should be the reward for all of your teams hard work?

How much time are employees wasting on recurring chores that can be made simpler or even eliminated?

You need to run leagues over and over again. Every league churns out a list of chores that someone needs to do.

What if you had a time machine, that helped you spend less time on repetitive chores, and you could use that time on bigger ideas?

Growing your leagues
Finding new fields
Planning new Parties and Events
Educating your Refs and Umps

That’s possible when you stop wasting time painting the ship. You are not in the navy, but you have your own list of chores that probably feel the same:

Reporting scores from the field
Manually running payment
Printing out League Paperwork
Creating staff schedules by hand
Working on league schedules in excel or on paper
tracking schedule requests with random post it notes
Processing team pictures and league content
Tracking down “missing teams” who played in a past league but haven’t signed up for this season.

Let League Lab help your business by saving you time on the chores that every sports league has to do every season.

We built League Lab to save you time.

There is an easier way to do things. You might be an entrepreneur, and be able to run through walls, and burn the midnight oil. We have done the same things, because we run sports leagues too. Some of those walls don’t need to be run through, and some of those late nights don’t actually need to happen.

What are you doing right now for your sports league, that feels like painting the ship?

League Lab focuses on saving you time on all the chores and processes you need to do every season. We know how to run leagues at scale with thousands of teams a year. We know how to help captains collect money, we know how to create fun content, and we know how to help your refs and umps help your league.

There is a better way. A sports league business platform, that focuses on more than just registration.

Don’t be a hero, and don’t burn through employees and staff because they get bored and tired from constantly painting the ship.

Let us know how you are wasting time on repetitive chores, and let League Lab help you save time.